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Payment and Shipment Methods

Total control over the accepted payment and shipment methods.

Payment Methods
Make it easy for your clients to pay for their orders by offering various payment methods.

You can allow your clients to pay via a Dutch bank account by using IDEAL. With IDEAL clients can pay for their order in your shopping cart solution with their electronic banking system through all the major banks in The Netherlands.

Clients can also use PayPal to complete their purchases in your webstore. Customers can pay using their PayPal account or by using a valid credit card. PayPal is a popular and secure payment method used frequently abroad, so is suitable if you're looking to deliver your products worldwide.

Of course, you can also allow your clients to pay via payment methods that you create, for instance via bank transfer or on credit.
Shipping Methods
Sometimes it's difficult to calculate the shipping costs for an order. With 123WEBSHOP this has been made easy!

You can calculate the shipping costs:

- Based on weight
- Based on the total amount
- Based on the number of products
- Allow the client to choose shipping

Shipping orders worldwide & the costs involved have also been taken into consideration.

There are various shipping zones and you can link each country to the correct zone. You can then determine the required shipping methods and costs, after which the shipping costs will be automatically calculated per order by the eCommerce solution based on the delivery country.

This gives you complete control over the shipping costs and your clients will always be charged correctly for their delivery.