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With 123WEBSHOP's ecommerce solution you can easily start you own online shop.
By using the navigation menu on the management screen, you can easily perform all the actions you require.

Easy Online Management
Managing your webshop is easy. As soon as your webshop has been created, you can login to the management screen of your webstore. There is no need to install any software or to configure your PC. We will ensure that your webstore will be ready for use and that your online shop will be set up on the domain name of your choice.

On the management screen you can control every section of your webshop. For instance, you can add products, send mailings to your clients and customise the design of your webshop to your own preference.


A single glance will inform you of everything that is happening within your online webstore.

Latest Orders
You can view new orders and process them immediately.

Recently Logged In Accounts
View which clients recently logged on.

Most Recent Searches
Know what your clients are looking for by viewing the most recent searches.

Statistics - Turnover
A chart offers you a clear overview of your turnover per month.

Customer Service

There could be a chance that you don't know exactly what to do or that you require further advice on certain matters concerning your webstore. If that's the case our support desk will gladly assist you. We offer support via email so you don't waste any time waiting on the phone, only to be left to speak to someone that doesn't have the knowledge to answer your questions.

Using our ticket system, your question (be it administrative, technical etc.) will be directed straight to the correct employee. In case you have any further questions, the history of your queries will be logged & directly available, this is so we're able to offer you the best possible support.