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An Overview Of All The Options

Management and Configuration
  • No technical knowledge is required, thanks to the e-Shop content management screen the process is easy.
  • Texts and illustrations can easily be added by using the built-in word processor.
  • All changes are immediately implemented in the eCommerce solution.
  • If you have an Internet connection, you can manage your webstore from anywhere in the world.
  • You can create multiple managers with varying levels of access.
  • Adjustable for the country you wish to focus on:
    • Use other currencies
    • Set shipping costs per country
    • Manage VAT percentages

Manage Your Clients
With your online shop's content management screen you can easily manage your clients. The system offers the following options:

  • Extensive search for clients
  • Change, block or delete clients yourself
  • Overview of orders and statistics per client

Products and Categories
It's easy to manage the products and categories within your webstore:

  • Easily add categories and sub-categories
  • Enter a description of the (sub-)category with text and illustrations
  • Enter an illustration per sub-category
  • Easily add, change or remove products
  • For each product you can add a lot of information, such as:
    • Article number
    • EAN-code ( European Article Numbering ), article coding/bar code
    • SKU-code ( stock keeping unit ), location in your warehouse
    • Brand
    • Product name
    • Price
    • VAT percentage
    • Weight
    • 1 or more (sub)categories which include the product
    • Unlimited detailed product photos, where 1 can be set as standard.
    • Product description including layout.
    • Keep track of stock based on:
      • Article level
      • List of choice list ( e.g. colour + size = number of pieces in stock)
    • Multiple lists of choice, e.g. with the available sizes and colours
    • Videos ( currently YouTube and Vimeo videos )
    • Search Engine settings (search terms, short description etc. )

Other Options:
  • Change the sequence of the categories and sub-categories
  • Temporarily activate or de-activate products
  • Automatically hide products if they are no longer in stock
  • Link accessories / related products
  • Add combination offers for a product (e.g. product A + product B for a special price)

  • Choice of designs
  • The colours of the chosen design can be changed to meet your needs
  • Your own logo can be added to the design and can differ per (sub)category or page.

The online store's content management system provides you with one simple screen for all current & processed orders.

  • Search the orders based on order number, order date, status, etc
  • Display orders with details and make adjustments
  • View a detailed overview of an order and print it
  • An order form will automatically be emailed to your client in PDF format
  • Change the status of an order (new/in process/sent)
  • Automatically inform your client via email and text message if their order status changes.

Shipping Methods
You can manage the shipping methods with the following options:

  • Create an unlimited number of shipping methods yourself
  • Automatically calculate shipping costs based on:
    • Weight
    • Total amount
    • Number of products
  • If you deliver to various countries you can determine the available shipping methods, shipping costs and valid VAT percentages per zone.

Payment Methods
You can offer your clients various payment methods, including:

  • Make use of the unlimited payment choices available (advance payment, on credit, etc.)
  • Payment via Paypal ( also with credit card ).

The software offers many options for keeping track of your shop statistics:

  • Easily link Google Analytics through the content management screen
  • Option to keep track of conversion measurements through Google Analytics or any other party
  • Option to view your client's searches
  • Number of products included in your webstore
  • Generate charts of turnover per month

Promotion and Search Engine Optimisation
For any eCommerce solution it is essential that you can be easily found via search engines and that you are able to create special promotions. The eCommerce solution offers the following options:

  • Create discount codes; allowing you to offer discounts in the form of a certain percentage, amount or free shipping.
  • You can add related products to any of your items (accessories and combination offers, also referred to as cross-selling and up-selling)
  • Keep your clients informed through the news module
  • Send newsletters to your clients through the mailing list
  • You can add search terms to products, which will be used by the internal search engine.
  • The search terms are also used by some search engines
  • Can include a META description (short description) which is displayed in search engines
  • All pages in your e-Shop are optimised for traceability by search engines
  • Automatically generated sitemap.xml for faster search engine indexing

It is easy to start a online shop in a different language by using the built in language module:

  • Product name and description in various languages
  • Categories and sub-categories in various languages
  • Shipping methods in various languages
  • All content from many other modules can be made available in another language (FAQs, forms, email messages to clients, etc.)
  • Fully optimised for search engines in the chosen language

Basic Options
Naturally the following basic options are also available:

  • Add products to the shopping basket
  • Easy to order from the shopping basket
  • Receive invoice/order confirmation per email in PDF format
  • Navigate through the (sub-) categories
  • Conduct searches using the built in search engine
  • Login to view status and history of orders
  • Enlarge product pictures with 1 click
  • Share products and pages via social media such as Twitter, Hyves and Facebook
  •  and many more...